Although we were hoping to be back in the radiography simulator lab of PCC in the Fall, we probably will have to use a local (Tigard) x-ray room instead due to pandemic restrictions. Please be aware also that although we are strongly hoping to stick to this schedule, we may have to change it slightly to accommodate pandemic-related rules and restrictions (we certainly had to in 2020!). Thank you for your understanding.



The application/registration and CORE/RUS module are required for ALL students (unless you already have a valid LXMO licence).

In addition:             

If you are a podiatry assistant, you only need to choose the CORE and the Podiatry modules.

Do not sign-up for both podiatry and extremity.


We do not recommend signing up for all modules (please talk to us before signing up for more than 3 modules).


Contact us before registering if you have additional questions.

Two options to register:

1) By mail/fax and pay by check:


2) Online and pay via credit card:


Gayle Wright, BS, RT(R)(CT)(MR)

Core Module, anatomical categories lectures/labs

Gayle K. Wright, BS, RT(R)(CT)(MR) has been a registered technologist for 40 years.

She is a full time faculty member in the Radiography Program and the Coordinator/Faculty for the CT Technologist Training and MRI Technologist Training Programs in the Medical Imaging

Department at Portland Community College.

Gayle has been an active guest speaker throughout her career. Education has always been a priority for Gayle and she enjoys the interactions and exchanges with her students.

She joined the PSR teaching team in 2016.

Todd Schoonover, BS, RT(R)(VI)(ARRT)

Anatomical categories labs

Todd E. Schoonover, BS, RT(R)(VI)(ARRT) has been a registered technologist for 13 years.

The past seven years have been spent managing cath labs. Currently a part time instructor in Medical Imaging at Portland Community College.  He is developing a specific post primary education program for cath labs in conjuncture with PCC.

Education has always been a passion for Todd and he believes that this is the way to move the imaging profession forward to best serve our patients. 



The Health technology building

at the PCC Sylvania campus.

12000 SW 49th Ave.

Portland, OR 97219


***Lab location is currently uncertain due to pandemic restrictions but will be in the greater Portland area