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  • What is your program?
    Our program is designed to train medical, chiropractic and podiatry assistants in limited permit radiography (LXMO certificate). After completing our program, the students need to pass a national examination offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) and satisfy practical experience requirements within a time frame deemed by the OBMI. We offer all of the modules (except bone densitometry) approved by OBMI for limited permit holders in the state of Oregon. Our program is offered two times per year with classes offered in Spring, and Fall. We charge separate tuition for each module and each student chooses which modules are most appropriate for the clinics they work in.
  • What is the duration of the program?
    The complete course takes about three and a half months. Our classes are offered weekends only.
  • Is this a radiology technician (RT) program?
    No. This program is designed for medical assistants, chiropractic assistants, podiatry assistants, or those who are already in the medical field looking to get a limited permit or LXMO permit, allowing them to take x-rays as part of their job.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes. For credit card payment, we will send you an invoice that will reflect an added processing fee surcharge of approximately 3%. There is no additional fee for checks or money orders, but those will have to be mailed to our office separately.
  • Do you offer financial or payment plans?
    No. Tuition must be paid in full before the term starts.
  • Will there be homework?
    Yes. Homework will be assigned in each module and needs to be completed during the week prior to the following class.
  • Do I need to take all the positioning modules?
    No. Everyone is required to take Core Module (Radiation Use & Safety, and Patient care) and at least one positioning module depending on the anatomical category in which they want/need to obtain a limited permit.
  • Do I need to have internet access for school?
    Yes. As our lectures are currently taught live via Zoom, a good and reliable audio and visual connection is required. In addition we use an online platform for assignments and testing.
  • Will I need to set aside time to study?
    Yes. Please consider as an employee/employer having a study plan/time in place prior to starting school. We don't have a suggested allotted time because each person's needs are different. Each week you should plan on doing homework, and studying. Doing this early in the week is optimal so that if things arise they can be addressed before week-end class.
  • In the future if I choose to become an RT will this certificate transfer to an RT program?
  • I'm not working in a medical office where I can take x-rays; can I still join the program?
    No. Our program specifically requires that an applicant be employed in a clinic where they will be able to get their practical experience under the supervision of a clinical coordinator.
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